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June 2010

This is a free e-mail news service provided by AQUA-TNET for the AQUA-TNET network and its partners. AQUA-TNET is the European Thematic Network in the field of aquaculture, fisheries and aquatic resource management, funded under the European Commission Lifelong Learning Programme, from 2008 - 2011.

In the AQUA-TNET Newsletter you will find an update of AQUA-TNET and its activities, as well as information from the European Commission related to European education matters.

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WP4 (New generic skills and competences approaches) needs your help!

This is an announcement to request all Aqua-tnet members to complete the WP4 questionnaires which are now online. We are carrying out a survey to gather the views of teachers, stakeholders (industry and other employers), graduates and students (BSc, MSc, PhD and other) on the current provision of generic skills training at university level. In particular we would like to identify gaps in current training and to improve skills provision for the aquaculture, fisheries, marine sciences and management sectors.

We would like to ask you to take a few minutes to compete our online survey. It should take around 10 minutes and your input will be used to identify priorities for the future provision of generic skills training.

If you are a student please go to this link:

If you are a graduate (i.e. you recently completed a university degree) please go to this link:

If you are a teacher please go to this link:


If you are an employer please go to this link:
We would be very grateful if you could also bring these surveys to the attention of your colleagues.

Thanking you in advance, Aqua-tnet workpackage 4 group.

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Research & Education 

Lifelong guidance: a snapshot of progress across the EU

Cedefop's latest publication on guidance takes stock of how guidance policies and systems, and the practice of lifelong guidance and counselling, are developing across the European Union. The booklet’s contents reflect the four priorities of the 2008 Council Resolution on integrating guidance into lifelong learning. To read the full article online and download the publication please visit http://www.cedefop.europa.eu/en/news/15908.aspx 

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EU Policy Papers: "Council Conclusions of 11 May 2010 on competences supporting lifelong learning and the 'new skills for new jobs' initiative"

To view a selection of the most recent reports on VET policy produced by the European Institutions in May 2010 please visit http://www.cedefop.europa.eu/en/news/15919.aspx

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VET-Alert: Just published on Vocational Education and Training

This is a monthly selection of publications on vocational education and training available from Cedefop’s bibliographic database VET-Bib. To view this month’s publications please visit http://www.cedefop.europa.eu/EN/Files/201005_VETAlert.pdf

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AQUAMED – A strategy for aquaculture research in the Mediterranean

The new Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) AQUAMED project, The Future of Research on Aquaculture in the Mediterranean Region, will develop a cross-functional strategy for aquaculture research in the Mediterranean region. It will develop a multi-stakeholder platform to orchestrate research activities, and it will publish a revolving implementation plan aimed at the sustainable development of aquaculture. The platform will rationalise research programming in order to avoid duplication and fragmentation of research efforts, and to stimulate long-term cooperation and coordination across policy makers, the aquaculture industry and RTD performers in the region.

AQUAMED will make a real contribution to strengthening the links between main research institutes and between key stakeholders in the whole Mediterranean region. It will promote innovative Mediterranean research and focus on the most relevant issues needed to sustain aquaculture in the region. It will strengthen the EU-Mediterranean partnership in developing common projects and plan for the challenges Mediterranean aquaculture will face in the future. Click here to download the full article in a leaflet.

If you would like to arrange an interview with the AQUAMED project team, please contact Marieke Reuver, Programme Officer, to arrange a suitable time, marieke@aquatt.ie

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MarineTT – investigating high potential knowledge outputs from marine related FP6 and FP7 project

MarineTT is an innovative and timely EC 7th Framework Programme support action project aiming to transfer and exploit outputs of recent marine related EU funded projects.

The MarineTT partnership intends to survey all marine related FP6 and 7 projects with a view to focusing on “KNOWLEDGE OUTPUTS” with potential for impact if transferred. Those with high potential impact will then be transferred to target audiences by technology transfer experts using appropriate tools and mediums in order to maximise the impact of Europe’s RTD efforts in the marine area.

In order to be able to transfer high potential knowledge we must first better understand the knowledge outputs from each project and MarineTT will in the near future approach all the project coordinators of marine related FP6 and 7 projects to help. To read the full article in a leaflet please click here. The request to all marine related FP6 and 7 project coordinators will be send out shortly.

More information on the MarineTT project and the survey can be found at the website: www.marinett.eu

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Vocational Aqualabs - Calling all stakeholders – the most important generic skills identified by aquaculture researchers

Vocational Aqualabs is a two year project funded by the EU Lifelong Learning Programme and is concerned with generic skills needed in aquaculture research. This month the consortium had a successful project meeting in Athens, Greece.

We recently carried out a needs analysis of researchers and the results are just in. To view the results in a leaflet please click here. If you are a stakeholder (non-researcher) we would also like your opinion on priorities. Therefore we would ask you to give your views by completing our short online survey. It only takes 5 minutes and your input will be used to see if there is any divergence between the views of researchers versus other stakeholders. The survey results will directly influence what new training material and courses will be developed and carried out in the project to upskill researchers to help them better respond to end-users needs.

Please go to this link to access the stakeholder survey: http://bit.ly/apsemk
To view the project website please visit http://www.aqualabs.eu/

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European Aquaculture Society Student Group (EAS-SG) Newsletter

This month’s edition of the European Aquaculture Society Student Group (EAS-SG) Newsletter is now available. Please feel free to forward this newsletter to all students and young people that might have the same interest in the work of the European Aquaculture Society Student Group (EAS-SG). To view the newsletter please click here.

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Sea change for joint marine research in Europe

Norway, together with Belgium and Spain has been given the EU's go-ahead last month for a large-scale joint European marine research programme. The planned cooperation aims to boost knowledge of environmental conditions, marine resources and commercialisation in the seas and oceans managed by European countries. To read more please click here to visit the website.

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Europeans welcome new science education web portal

A new, multilingual web portal has been launched that will help those involved in science education in the EU to share materials, resources and experiences. Called SCIENTIX ('The community for science education in Europe'), the portal was set up with funding from the Science in Society (SIS) Programme of the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7). To read the online article in full please click here and to view the portal please visit http://scientix.eu/web/guest

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2. AquaTT Training News  

AquaTT's Training News is a free monthly electronic newsletter. With the latest news from the European education community, opportunities for collaboration, announcements and a student corner, Training News is an important dissemination channel for education and training opportunities for the aquaculture and fisheries sectors.

Highlights of the June 2010 issue:

CLICK HERE for the latest AquaTT Training News (June 2010)

CLICK HERE for the latest AquaTT Calendar (June 2010) with a comprehensive overview of all Events in the Maritime Sector 

Please email news@aquatt.ie to submit your news which will reach over 5,000 subscribers interested in aquaculture and related sectors education.

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3. BibMail 

BibMail is a biweekly updated overview of the content tables of the major aquaculture-relevant scientific journals.

CLICK HERE for the latest Bibmail (June 2010)

To go to the BibMail website link on the AQUA-TNET site please

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4. Information of Interest

Information of Interest is a biweekly updated overview of interesting publications, reports, and manuals relating to aquaculture in a broad sense, with links to the respective files or information points.

CLICK HERE for the latest Information of Interest (June 2010)

To go to the Information of Interest website link on the AQUA-TNET site please CLICK HERE 

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5. PiscesTT Jobs

PiscesTT Jobs is a free online recruitment service used by over 200 companies globally. The innovative system, updated daily, lists jobs, PhD vacancies and student placements in Aquaculture, Fisheries and Marine Science worldwide. Subscribe at http://www.piscesttjobs.com/feeds/ for live RSS updates of new job postings. This service facilitates human resource development in the industry.

At the moment 13 interesting jobs are listed: 

If you are interested in posting a job vacancy or registering for the service, please go to the PiscesTT Jobs website or contact Marieke Reuver at marieke@aquatt.ie

6. Other 

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