Aqua-tnet structure

The detailed work of the Aqua-tnet network and responsibility for most deliverables will be managed through the first five workpackages, each focusing on developing and implementing specific innovations. WP 6 will coordinate the input of different stakeholders, links with Technology Platforms and other projects. WP 7 & 8 (Dissemination and Exploitation of Results) will involve all members and will consist of specific activities working with the stakeholder groups and wider membership to encourage active participation in dissemination and in the adoption of results. WP 9 (Quality Assurance) will be led by a partner organisation not otherwise closely involved in the work programme for the sake of greater objectivity. WP 10 (Management) will be carried out by the University of Stirling with assistance from Aqua TT and will mainly consist of organisation of events, management of reporting and finances and coordination between other workpackages. The overall structure of the network is shown in the following diagram:


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