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Posted @ 18:56 27 April 2012

Welcome to the Aqua-tnet Blog. This is intended to be an additional channel for raising and discussing issues that concern Aqua-tnet project members and everyone with an interest in innovation and the role of knowledge and learning in the aquaculture, fisheries and aquatic resources sector.  Personal perspectives are particularly welcome. Send your contributions to info@aquatnet.com  (with subject line “blog contribution”)

As all Network members will know, the second aqua-tnet project under the coordination of Gent University has now finished and a third phase has started under the coordination of the University of Stirling. The aim is to build on the work carried out in the earlier projects and further enhance the quality, relevance and impact of education and training for the sector. The workpackage activities are focused on concrete outcomes that will add real value to the work that is being carried out by all the members of the Network.  Most important however is that membership of the Aqua-tnet network means being open to learning from peers with different experiences and perspectives;  being ready to have pre-conceptions and biases challenged; being willing to share personal insights; and being ready to embrace change and innovation!

Some of the workpackage groups have already met and are addressing the challenges they face with great enthusiasm. For all members not yet involved, the Annual Event on 28-29th June 2012 will be an excellent opportunity to create new connections and contribute directly to building the “European Area of Lifelong Learning”. 

John Bostock


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