The future of Europe's fisheries

Posted @ 12:21 12 June 2012

Liz AshtonToday Tuesday June 12th the European Fisheries Ministers are meeting to discuss the future of Europe’s fisheries. They are attempting to agree a common position on key aspects of the Common Fisheries Policy.

Fish Fight and ClientEarth have taken out full page adverts in The Times (UK), Le Monde (in France), El Pais (in Spain) and Gazeta Wyborcza (in Poland), to remind Europe's key fisheries ministers that WE ARE WATCHING THEM!

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall is a UK chef that has been promoting the end of discards. Half of all fish caught in the North Sea are thrown overboard dead. Currently almost 805,000 people are supporting the campaign from all over Europe. If you are interested further and want to join you can sign up at 

Read the full message from Hugh Ferneley-Whittingstall HERE.

Liz Ashton

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