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Recording lectures

Advocates cite studies that show substantial benefits for students: (a system vendor) It has become increasingly common to see students recording lectures on their mobile phones, underlining the value that students see in capturing the content...

Posted @ 20:53 27 April 2012

Is Student Feedback a Waste of Time?

What interests me most about this discussion is the light it sheds on the dichotomy between traditional academic culture and the tertiary education industry that has emerged from policies to increase participation; funding models that depend on student throughput; social emphasis on quali...

Posted @ 21:34 22 May 2014

Welcome to the Aqua-tnet Blog

Welcome to the Aqua-tnet Blog. This is intended to be an additional channel for raising and discussing issues that concern Aqua-tnet project members and everyone with an interest in innovation and the role of knowledge and learning in the aquaculture, fisheries and aquatic resources sector.  Pe...

Posted @ 18:56 27 April 2012

Bridging the gap – industry and academia

I was recently at the Techno TN meeting between Erasmus networks active in the field of science and engineering. It was a chance to discuss three key topics of common interest:  (1) New Skills and University-Business cooperation; (2) Attracting  and retaining students; and (3) Tools for en...

Posted @ 22:46 21 May 2012

The future of Europe's fisheries

Today Tuesday June 12th the European Fisheries Ministers are meeting to discuss the future of Europe’s fisheries. They are attempting to agree a common position on key aspects of the Common Fisheries Policy. Fish Fight and ClientEarth have taken out full page adverts in The Times (UK), Le Mond...

Posted @ 12:21 12 June 2012

Interesting discussions on Aqua-tnet's LinkedIn page!

Aqua-tnet has an active LinkedIn page where on a regular basis interesting discussions are posted and issues shared. Please check out:

Posted @ 13:11 30 March 2013