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September 2011

This is a free e-mail news service provided by Aqua-tnet for the Aqua-tnet network and its partners. Aqua-tnet is the European Thematic Network in the field of aquaculture, fisheries and aquatic resource management, funded under the European Commission Lifelong Learning Programme, from 2008 - 2011.

In the Aqua-tnet Newsletter you will find an update of Aqua-tnet and its activities, as well as information from the European Commission related to European education matters.

Please forward this newsletter to your colleagues and students. Please submit any relevant information for dissemination in the newsletter to aquatnet@aquatt.ie.



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Aqua-tnet Annual Event 2011, Portugal – Celebrating 15 years of successful collaboration

The Aqua-tnet Annual Event 2011, held in Vilamoura (Portugal) from 7-9 September 2011, had a lot to celebrate; 15 years of successful collaboration, ensured sustainability and the highest number of attendees ever at this full, interesting and exciting event in a beautiful seaside location.
Prior to the Annual Event itself, two interesting workshops took place, attracting a high number of participants, including many industry stakeholders. In conjunction with EATiP Thematic Area 3 “Managing the Biological Lifecycle” and LARVANET, a workshop in Microbial Management in Fish & Shellfish Larviculture took place. State-of-the-art academic research in microbial management in larviculture was highlighted, as well as sharing of experiences on the hatchery work floor with regard to microbial issues and turning academic work and recommendations into practice. Intensive discussions led to the conclusion that apart from continued and intensified interaction between the academic world and the private sector through existing platforms, a more efficient link between both could be obtained by the organization of a set of verification studies, where academic findings in the field of microbial management are validated at the production level, using production units made available by the private sector and procedures currently used by the private sector. It was recommended to explore the possibility to develop this theme for an EU Corporate Research Project proposal.

The 2nd workshop - E-learning tools: creating content for learning environments – was aimed at making participants familiar with a selection of tools that are useful for communicating and creating e-learning content. The participants got to work during the hands-on workshop sessions on topics which were selected according to their usefulness in combination with traditional teaching, and their instant applicability in participants own teaching environments. The workshop organisers hope that these tools will help participants of the workshop to enrich their teaching and to enhance motivation and learning success of their students.

The Annual Event itself kicked off with a welcome address by Aqua-tnet coordinator Patrick Sorgeloos and an overview of the objectives of the meeting by Marieke Reuver. This was followed by keynote speaker Jens Vermeersch (GO! - Internationalisation, Flemish Community Belgium) who gave a very interesting talk on the need to empower teachers to use ICT – using insights from the TACCLE (Teachers’ Aid on Creating Content for Learning Environments) project.

During the two day event a highly productive stakeholder interaction session provided an important opportunity for each work package group to obtain feedback and suggestions from key stakeholder groups; research, industry and students. In addition, all project work packages gave a showcase presentation on the main outcomes of their core groups, highlighting key outputs and insights from the past 3 years activities. Over the last few years, Aqua-tnet has been building highly useful interactive online portals available through www.aquatnet.com - which include information on Master, PhD and mobility programmes and courses in our domains, which presents pan-European information and resources.

On the 2nd day the focus was on policy and horizon scanning, looking outwards and outside Aqua-tnet, as well as into the future. Presentations included topics such as policy drivers and strategic networks by David Bassett (FEAP, BTA); the European Fisheries Technology Platform (EFTP) by Torgeir Edvardsen and the European Aquaculture Technology and Innovation Platform (EATiP) by Courtney Hough, as well as a presentation on assessing the value creation from research: How can we better support governance, industry and education, by Reid Hole, Dean of the University of Nordland. These presentations were the perfect introduction to the following interactive workshop session on future needs: Knowledge Management challenges and the role of educators, aligning the Aqua-tnet network with the European Technology Platforms.

All participants worked together in groups and reviewed the work carried out to date in the European Technology Platforms, focusing on the subjects “How to manage knowledge effectively” and “How to foster and build the human capital of the European aquaculture sector”. Results of the workshop will give input into existing Technology Platform activities and influence their visions and strategic research agendas.

The event also gave participants the opportunity to showcase topics of relevance to the audience, such as current projects, ideas for future initiatives and also demonstrating the lessons learned during the e-learning workshop prior to the event. Several participants showed their results and highlighted the usefulness of innovative technologies which enables users to find and share images, generate videos, produce podcasts and create multimedia resources.

The Aqua-tnet secretariat would like to say a big thank you to all partners for their continued input and interest, making the Aqua-tnet network a continuing success.

For more information please check the website on info@aquatnet.com










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Aqua-tnet workshop - Microbial Management in Fish & Shellfish Larviculture, 7 September 2011, Vilamoura, Portugal

The Aqua-tnet workshop “Microbial Management in Fish & Shellfish Larviculture was organised in conjunction with Aqua-tnet Annual Event, EATiP-Thematic Area 3 “Managing the Biological Lifecycle” and LARVANET. The workshop which took place on 7th September 2011 in Vilamoura, Portugal, kicked-off with introductions by Patrick Sorgeloos (for Aqua-tnet), Patrick Lavens (for EATiP) and Luis Conçeicao (for COST). Olav Vadstein and Peter Bossier then highlighted state-of-the-art academic research in microbial management in larviculture, each from their own field of expertise, followed by Tania De Wolf, who explained her experiences on the hatchery work floor with regard to the microbial issues addressed by the previous speakers, and how she tries to turn academic work and recommendations into practice.

The afternoon session was co-chaired by Yngvar Olsen (Norwegian University of Science and Technology) and Patrick Lavens (INVE, Belgium). Panel members were Peter Bossier (Ghent University, Belgium), Tania De Wolf (Maricoltura Rosignano Solvay, Italy), Pavlos Makridis (Hellenic Centre for Marine Research, Greece) and Olav Vadstein (Norwegian University of Science and Technology). The workshop attendants working in the private sector came to several considerations and conclusions. To read the full minutes of the meeting click here (Word doc.) 

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Online Guide to New Media  

This online guide to new media, developed by work packages 5 and 8, is an introduction to common tools, media and issues designed to help teachers understand and use new digital technologies to supplement and improve their teaching. The guide is practical and has a focus on technologies that are free to use. The guide includes information on finding, using and sharing images and digital video, document sharing, podcasting and much more. To access the guide visit http://www.aquatnet.com/index.php/145/online-guide-to-new-media/  
In addition the "New Media - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)" is now online. We live in a time of rapid change. New technologies that can have a wide reaching influence on the ways in which we communicate and learn are a part of today's reality. As a teacher, it is not easy to have and maintain an overview of these technologies and how they might be used effectively in teaching and learning activities. And certainly there are numerous questions that must be answered before you would consider trying a new technology.

To access the FAQ to help you in your exploration and use of new media visit http://www.aquatnet.com/index.php/156/frequently-asked-questions/

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Call for examples of Innovative Teaching

If you have tried any new approaches or tools in your teaching or assessment, please consider sharing your experiences with the Aqua-tnet network. You are invited to browse through the examples available at http://www.aquatnet.com/index.php/140/examples/  and share your own experiences by completing and submitting a TEMPLATE (Word Document). Once you have completed this form, please e-mail it to  aquaconsult@stir.ac.uk with the subject-line “Aqua-tnet Innovative Teaching Form”.

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Aqua-tnet at AE2011, 18-21 October 2011, Rhodes, Greece

Aqua-tnet will be present at the Aquaculture Europe 2010 event in Rhodes in October this year. Please come and meet Aqua-tnet at the AquaTT booth (number 78) at the tradeshow. For more information please contact Marieke@aquatt.ie

2. Research & Education

Eurideas News - Education in the EU

The September issue of ‘EURIDEAS News’ focuses on education. To read the full newsletter visit http://www.eurideastranslation.com/newsletter

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Glossary - Quality in education and training

The rising demand for education and training has led to a great expansion in the provision of education services. But this expansion raises concerns about quality. Do we understand what knowledge or skills a training programme offers? How can we judge whether a course of study is effective? Do we share a common language on these issues, and are we sure we correctly understand the terms employed? For the EU-27, with its current 501 million citizens and single labour market, such questions are hardly academic: common understanding leads to common trust. To access the glossary visit http://www.cedefop.europa.eu/EN/publications/17663.aspx 

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Online Educa Berlin - sharing ideas and best practices in the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

"Engaging Teachers in New Learning Technologies", "10 Principles of Successful E-Learning" and more...The Online Educa Berlin (OEB) news portal disseminates information about rich learning opportunities in conjunction with technologies, such as computers, the Internet, mobile devices, radio and audiovisual media. For more information visit http://www.icwe.net/oeb_special/OEB_Newsportal/

For information on the Online Educa Berlin 17th International Conference on Technology Supported Learning & Training (The Largest Global E-Learning Conference for the Corporate, Education and Public Service Sectors) visit http://www.online-educa.com/

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Innovative Open Articles on the Systemic Innovation of Education

The new Journal for the Systemic Innovation of Education (JSIE), is the official Open Access Journal of the European Society for the Systemic Innovation of Education (ESSIE). JSIE publishes papers from thought leaders and scholars in the field of education.

The Mission of JSIE is to become THE Journal for innovators across all education systems and disciplines, to report about new educational developments with high-impact and potential system-wide effects. To access the first journal (open access) visit http://www.essie-society.org/page11.php

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INTRANEMMA - Innovation Transfer Network for Mediterranean Mariculture

The INTRANEMMA project partners have recently carried out a survey across Turkey, Greece and Spain and further in-depth interviews are currently being carried out with key stakeholders. The aim is to identify priority vocational skill needs in the Mediterranean mariculture industry and in response to develop and pilot innovative sector led programmes specifically for the Mediterranean region. In doing so, INTRANEMMA will improve vocational skills and help to ensure the sustainability of sea bass and sea bream aquaculture.

The project website will be launched soon but for further information on the INTRANEMMA project you are invited to visit the AQUARK stand (project manager) or the AquaTT stand (project partner) at the upcoming Aquaculture Europe conference in Rhodes, Greece (18th – 21st October 2011).

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Incubating Young Researchers into Aqua Entrepreneurs!

Young entrepreneurs will be competing at the upcoming Aquaculture Europe conference (AE 2011) in Rhodes, Greece (18th – 19th October 2011) for the Aquaculture Talent Hatchery (ATH) Award.

Four teams from the UK, Greece, Spain and Ireland have been participating in the Aquaculture Talent Hatchery (ATH) challenge over the past number of weeks. The Aquaculture Entrepreneurship Mentorship programme seeks to provide early career researchers with the knowledge, skills and motivation to encourage the development of an entrepreneurial mindset. With support from their assigned mentors, participants have been working in teams and competing against other international teams in developing a business plan. The teams will make a final presentation to a panel of ATH mentors and industry representatives at AE2011 where the teams will showcase their final business plan. The presentations will take place on the 19th as the final section of the Fish Farmers Day and you are all invited to come along and show your support. The award will be presented to the winning team at 18.00 on the 20th in the AQUARK and AQUATT stand (booth 78) in the trade show.

The ATH trainers and students would like to take this opportunity to thank the ATH mentors for their support; Mr. Gustavo Larrazábal A. (Grupo Tinamenor - Spain), Prof. Patrick Smith (Tethys Aquaculture Ltd - UK), Mr. John Stefanis (Selonda Group - Greece) and Dr. Gerry Mouzakitis (Gourmet Marine Ltd - Ireland).

The Aquaculture Entrepreneurship Mentorship is one of seven courses aimed at aquaculture researchers funded under the Vocational Aqualabs project which is coordinated by Ankara University, Turkey. For more information on the Aquaculture Entrepreneurship Mentorship programme visit http://www.aquaculturetalent.com/ and the Vocational Aqualabs project http://www.aqualabs.eu/.

You are also invited to visit the AQUARK stand (ATH trainer, Vocational Aqualabs partner) and the AquaTT stand booth 78 (Vocational Aqualabs project co-manager) at the upcoming Aquaculture Europe conference in Rhodes, Greece (18th – 21st October 2011).

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The first challenge: Building a Mediterranean Aquaculture Multi-Stakeholder Platform, 19th October 2011, EA2011, Rhodes, Greece

AQUAMED is a strategic project that aims to develop a cross-functional strategy for aquaculture research in the Mediterranean region.

Its objectives are to contribute to the strengthening of the links between the main research institutes and key stakeholders in the whole Mediterranean region and to promote innovation. In doing so, the project will address the main issues for the development of sustainable aquaculture in the region. It will also strengthen the EU-Mediterranean partnership in developing common projects and create a plan to tackle the future challenges of the Mediterranean aquaculture.

To achieve this goal, AQUAMED will create a multi-stakeholder platform (MSHP) to discuss and share research directions and activities and to develop an implementation plan aimed at the sustainable development of MED aquaculture. The platform will rationalise research programming in order to (1) avoid duplication and fragmentation of research efforts, (2) stimulate long-term cooperation and coordination across policy makers and the aquaculture industry and RTD performers in the region and (3) develop a shared vision of the needs for further research among the stakeholders.

The AQUAMED project will have its 3rd partner meeting in Rhodes (Greece) on the 17th and 18th of October 2011. After this meeting the AQUAMED project will be presented at the EAS Conference 2011 in Rhodes (Greece) in the framework of the EU-FORUM. This presentation will take place on Wednesday 19th October 2011 at 16.50 in the NAFISKA A (170) room.

The first meeting of the MSHP will be held on the 19th of October 2011 just after the EU-FORUM (place and exact time to be determined in the coming weeks). The main objective of this first meeting is to allow leading stakeholders to influence and contribute to the establishment of the structure and operational concept of the MSHP. The basic skeleton of the platform is expected to be created based on the results of this meeting.

The AQUAMED partnership would appreciate the attendance of all Mediterranean stakeholders who are interested in contributing to the design and implementation of this Mediterranean Multi-stakeholder Platform for the Aquaculture Sector.

If you would like to participate in the MSHP meeting or for more information, please contact Georgios RIGOS (grigos@hcmr.gr), Noam MOZES (noamm@int.moag.gov.il), Myriam CALLIER (Myriam.Callier@ifremer.fr) or Jean-Paul BLANCHETON, (Jean.Paul.Blancheton@ifremer.fr).

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SEAFARE partner meeting, 19th October 2011, Rhodes, Greece

The SEAFARE project, a European Union Atlantic Area Transnational Programme focusing on sustainable and environmentally friendly aquaculture for the Atlantic region of Europe, will hold its 4th partner meeting during AE2011 in Rhodes, Greece on the 19th October 2011.

This meeting will focus on the achievements obtained by the different working groups. In addition, an open information meeting will be held straight after the partnership meeting, inviting all AE2011 visitors to familiarise themselves with the project.

If you would like to participate in the SEAFARE open meeting or for more information, please contact project coordinator Mr Dan Lee, on +44 1248 388603 or email d.lee@bangor.ac.uk.

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Aqua-RET 2: Environmental Assessment Course piloted in Madeira Island, Portugal

An Environmental Assessment course for marine energy projects was recently piloted by the Aqua-RET 2 consortium in Madeira Island, Portugal on 14th September 2011. Participants included project developers, regulators, environmental consultees and others involved and interested in the marine renewable sector.

An interactive group session gave the forty participants an opportunity to work in groups to devise a general Environmental Impact Assessment plan followed by a discussion of the results. The Environmental Assessment Course is one of a series of new face-2-face courses being developed by the Aqua-RET consortium. Other Aqua-RET2 courses under development; Marine Operations and Technical Evaluation will be piloted in the UK, Greece and Ireland during November 2011. If you or your colleagues are interested in attending please contact Olivia Daly (Project Officer) olivia@aquatt.ie. For more information and to access the various e-learning resources developed by the project which are free to download and use visit www.aquaret.com.




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 3. Other

Lindsay Laird Innovation in Aquaculture Award 2011

In 2008, AquaTT along with AMC Ltd set up the Lindsay Laird award for the most innovative poster (in English) submitted by a student. This event takes place at the annual EAS International Conference, this year to be held in Rhodes. Areas of research are deliberately set very wide, in order to maximise opportunities for participation: environmental impact in aquaculture, new candidate species, hatcheries/early life history, stock production, fish diseases, new technologies and genetics/genomics.  So far, three hard-working students have benefited.

To hear the 2009 winner – Goncalo Santos – speak about his experience and why winning the Award is such an honour, visit http://www.aquatt.ie/client/files/ll-award-santos-interview.mp3. AquaTT is now on the search for the 2011 entries for this prestigious award. So let's break the record for entries for 2011. See you in Rhodes!

The Lindsay Laird Award consists of a certificate and an award of a laptop (to the value of EUR 500) of the winner's choice. Springer also sponsors this award by making a donation of aquaculture publications up to a value of EUR 200. Entries submitted by students for the best student poster at the EAS annual conference in Rhodes will be eligible for the inauguration of the award. Entries submitted by students for the best student poster at the EAS annual conference in Rhodes are eligible. Subject areas:
  • environmental impact in aquaculture
  • new species
  • hatcheries/early life history
  • stock production
  • fish diseases
  • new technologies
  • genetics/genomics

The jury will be composed of an AquaTT representative, an academic representative (University of Crete) and a representative from the industrial sector (to be nominated later). The award will be presented by the EAS President.
For more information, please contact aquatt@aquatt.ie.

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EAS-SG: Student activities during AE2011

The EAS Student activities during the upcoming Aquaculture Europe conference 2011 have been announced at http://www.eassg.org/. The conference takes place from October 18-21, 2011 in Rhodes, Greece.

EAS-SG are pleased to offer a dedicated programme for all our students and young members. If you would like to take part in any of the mentioned activities please email them directly at info@eassg.org These activities are free of charge (or at a nominal cost) for all registered EAS-SG members and students. Field trips have only a limited capacity and registration is open from now on and will be handled by a first come, first serve basis.

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Come visit AquaTT at AE2011 and get a free innovative gift

Aquaculture Europe 2011 will be the most innovative event of European aquaculture to date, bringing together research institutions, academia and the industry. Sessions will address vital questions affecting the development of Mediterranean aquaculture over the next decade, with reviews of the importance of aquaculture in EU food production; the sustainability of aquaculture feeds and the implementation of selective breeding strategies in aquaculture. The conference will include an international tradeshow, where you can visit AquaTT @ booth 78. Come and get to know us (better) and get a free innovative gift!

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4. AQUA-TNET Calendar

Please check the Aqua-tnet calendar for a complete overview of upcoming events, conferences and workshops


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5. BibMail

BibMail is a biweekly updated overview of the content tables of the major aquaculture-relevant scientific journals.

To go to the BibMail archive on the Aqua-tnet site please CLICK HERE

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6. Information of Interest

Information of Interest is a biweekly updated overview of interesting publications, reports, and manuals relating to aquaculture in a broad sense, with links to the respective files or information points.

To go to the Information of Interest website link on the Aqua-tnet site please CLICK HERE

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7. AquaTT Training News and Announcements

AquaTT's Training News is a free monthly electronic newsletter. With the latest news from the European education community, opportunities for collaboration, announcements and a student corner, Training News is an important dissemination channel for education and training opportunities for the aquaculture and fisheries sectors.

CLICK HERE for the latest AquaTT Training News and Announcements (September 2011)

Please email news@aquatt.ie to submit your news which will reach almost 6,000 international subscribers interested in aquaculture and related sectors of education.

8. PiscesTT Jobs

PiscesTT Jobs is a free online recruitment service used by over 300 companies globally. The innovative system, updated daily, lists jobs, PhD vacancies and student placements in Aquaculture, Fisheries and Marine Science worldwide. This service facilitates human resource development in the industry.

At the moment 7 interesting jobs/study opportunities. If you are interested in viewing or posting a job vacancy please go to http://www.piscesttjobs.com/ or contact aquatt@aquatt.ie Subscribe at http://www.piscesttjobs.com/feeds/ for live RSS updates of new job postings.

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