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January/February 2012

This is a free e-mail news service provided by Aqua-tnet for the Aqua-tnet network and its partners. Aqua-tnet is the European Thematic Network in the field of aquaculture, fisheries and aquatic resources management, funded under the European Commission Lifelong Learning Programme, from 2011 - 2014.

In the newsletter you will find an update of Aqua-tnet and its activities, as well as information from the European Commission related to European education matters.

Please forward this newsletter to your colleagues and students. Please submit any relevant information for dissemination in the newsletter to aquatnet@aquatt.ie


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    1. Aqua-tnet News

    New exciting phase of Aqua-tnet kick-started in Scotland!

    The Dear Aqua-tnet member,

    Welcome to the 3rd phase of Aqua-tnet!  As you know Aqua-tnet3 officially started last October, but due to administrative reasons there was a slight delay in the actual start. We are pleased to inform you that the 3rd phase of Aqua-tnet kicked-off with the first Steering Committee meeting in Edinburgh on January 16th.

    Originally set up in 1996 as a small network of just 20 academic partners in aquaculture, we have now expanded to more than 80 partners, representing a tightly knit multidisciplinary collaboration of higher education institutions, research institutions, industry representatives and other relevant stakeholders with an interest in European education issues in the fields of aquaculture, fisheries and aquatic resources management.

    With the education sector highlighted as one of the main drivers of European growth, as set out in Europe 2020, it makes good sense for us to further capitalise on the opportunities afforded by our wide-ranging network devoted to one of the fastest-growing and dynamic sectors in Europe. To this end, the newly funded 3rd phase “Aqua-tnet - Promoting innovation and a European dimension through Lifelong learning in the field of Aquaculture, Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Management – Thematic Network” (Aqua-tnet3) officially started on October 2011, under the leadership of John Bostock at Stirling University.

    The principal aim of Aqua-tnet3 is to support the progress of the European aquaculture, fisheries and aquatic resources management sector by stimulating and supporting innovation through enhanced lifelong learning opportunities. The majority of you have been part of the consortium in the previous phases and have successfully taken part in forming a European dimension in the aquaculture, fisheries and aquatic resources management sectors. New partners have now joined the consortium, most notably the European Aquaculture Technology and Innovation Platform (EATIP) and representatives of the European and Galician Fisheries Technology Platforms.

    This new exciting phase will be an excellent opportunity for us all to build upon the previous work and continue this long running network. The new programme (20011-14) will allow us to help the sectors we cover to further contribute to the creation of a European Higher Education Area. Over the coming months there will be several work package kick-off meetings where you will have the opportunity to meet some familiar faces and hopefully some new ones too.

    You can keep updated on Aqua-tnet3 activities in several ways; 1) visit the website info@aquatnet.com or online 3) visit the members’ section and 4) keep reading the Aqua-tnet newsletter! Don’t forget you can submit any relevant information for dissemination in the newsletter to aquatnet@aquatt.ie.

    Also for those of you who are new to the network the Aqua-tnet website has a multitude of resources including the ‘Aqua-tnet Education Gate’, calendar of events, various publications, useful links plus additional resources per interest group; students, teachers, researchers and  industry.

    We would like to thank all of you for your continued support and collaboration which is much appreciated and we look forward to working with you all over the coming three years. This new phase promises to be as exciting and interesting as the previous phases (if not more!). 

    John Bostock, the University of Stirling (Coordinator) & Aqua-tnet3 secretariat

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    Aqua-tnet 3 start-up meeting, 16 January 2012, Edinburgh, Scotland

    The Aqua-tnet steering group (mainly workpackage leaders) met in Edinburgh on 16th January to help activate the new project. The role, objectives and work plans for each workpackage were reviewed and discussed and decisions taken on priorities and activities for the first year.  The structure of the project has been simplified to five main implementation workpackages, a cross-cutting workpackage to focus on stakeholder cooperation and four further workpackages to look after dissemination, exploitation of results, quality assurance and management. Leaders of the implementation workpackages are all focused on producing concrete and useful outputs which really demonstrate the value of European and inter-disciplinary collaboration:
    • WP1 will develop multimedia case studies for use in Masters level teaching
    • WP2 will develop and promote training courses for PhD level students
    • WP3 will promote and enable opportunities for student and staff mobility – internationally and between institutions and commercial companies
    • WP4 will develop generic skills training materials based on needs assessments
    • WP5 will support the network in implementing new educational frameworks, tools and methods
    Workpackage leaders have been contacting aqua-tnet members to build active working groups, so if you have a specific interest in any of these areas and have not already been contacted, please let the secretariat know that you are keen to be involved.

    After some discussion, the meeting agreed to set the dates for the first annual event at 27-29th June 2012. This is still to be confirmed once a suitable venue has been found, but please make a note so that you can participate.

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    WP4 (Generic skills for future success) kick-off meeting, 10 April 2012, Vigo, Spain

    WP4 (Generic skills for future success) will have its kick-off meeting on the 10th of April 2012, in Vigo (Spain). WP4 is preparing a review of generic skills provision and would welcome your input to this review please. To add to this, WP4 will soon circulate a very short survey about generic skills and again we would like to be able to count on your input. 

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    WP5 (Innovative Lifelong Learning) kick-off meeting, April 2012, Aberdeen, Scotland

    WP5 Innovative Lifelong Learning will have its kick-off meeting in April 2012, in Aberdeen, Scotland. The exact dates have yet to be finalised.

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    Aqua-tnet - Education Gate

    As a partner in the Aqua-tnet network, you will have received an email notifying you of the unique opportunity to promote yourself, your institution and your programmes and courses via the popular Aqua-tnet Education Gate (available at http://aquatnet.djangofoo.com/). This pan European database of institutions, people, programmes and courses in aquaculture, fisheries and marine related sciences is a one-stop-shop for education in our fields across Europe.

    The portal is currently being promoted through the AquaTT Training News, which means that over 6,000 people are informed monthly, attracting a steady and increasing stream of visitors to the portal.

    Therefore, we would like to encourage you to update your information, which you can manage yourself by logging into the admin section. Your sign in name is your own e-mail address, and your initial password is 'aquatnet' which you can change once logged in. Please find here a user-friendly guide to the portal: http://www.aquatnet.com/client/files/Aqua-tnet_website_instructions.pdf

    The portal also displays information on short courses, work placements etc, so non-education institutions offering these are very much invited to upload their information too.

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Marieke Reuver (marieke@aquatt.ie).

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    Case study in international cooperation

    European media channels (TV, newspapers, blogs, social media) do little but report bad news and/or give us depressing stories. Let’s have some good news for a change!

    The EAS Rhodes Conference in October 2011, gave Turkur Boder, the Turkish representative of the EAS Student Group, the opportunity to meet old friends and make new ones. He has been a stalwart member, involved in setting it up and serving as group secretary for two years. Turkur is now completing his Ph.D. studies at Akdeniz University in Turkey, working on genetic differences of sea bass and sea bream.

    While catching up with some of the young scientists he had met during his first visit to Crete at the AQUATNET Annual Event in 2007 (networking is an important aspect of international conferences), he found out that the Institute of Marine Biology and Genetics (of HCMR) in Crete had acquired equipment which could be of real use in his Ph.D. studies. Doing the required analyses in Crete could cut the time needed to carry out the PCR and genotyping analyses of his five sets of broodstock samples from over a year down to six to eight weeks.

    But how could such a visit be organised AND funded?  To read the full article by
    Margaret Eleftheriou click here (Word doc.)

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    Promicrobe workshop and training school, 20-22 August 2012, Ghent University, Belgium

    In this course young researchers will learn about recent developments in microbial management in larviculture and how to generate and process microbial community data. For more information visit http://www.promicrobe.ugent.be/ or access the flyer here (PDF).

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    2. Programmes, Courses & People

    To search for PhD, MSc and mobility opportunities and courses and to access information on your colleagues in Aqua-tnet 2 please visit the Aqua-tnet 2 interactive web portal available at http://aquatnet.djangofoo.com/ If you have any further editions or would like to make changes to your institution's information please contact Marieke Reuver at marieke@aquatt.ie

    3. Research & Education

    SOCIOEC – Socio Economic Effects of Management Measures of the Future CFP: Impact of new policy framework and opportunities for the fishing sector to develop self- and co- management.

    The new Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) SOCIOEC project, Socio Economic effects of management measures of the future CFP, will deal with the socio-economic effects of the main management principles of the new CFP; what will be the impact of the new policy framework and what are the opportunities for the European fishing sector to develop self- and co-management. The central concept of SOCIOEC is to provide a mechanism for developing management measures that are consistent with the overarching sustainability objectives of the EU, and that can provide consensus across all stakeholders.

    To read the full press release click here (Word doc.).

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    HEALTHY FUTURES 3rd Partner Meeting to take place in Tanzania

    The FP7 HEALTHY FUTURES project which launched in January 2011 will hold its 3rd partners meeting in Arusha, Tanzania, 8 – 9 May 2012. The project is led by Trinity College, University of Dublin (Ireland) and consists of a consortium of 8 African based and 7 European based partners.

    The project aims to construct a disease risk mapping system for three water-related, high-impact vector-borne diseases (malaria, Rift Valley fever and schistosomiasis) in eastern Africa, taking into account environmental/climatic trends and changes in socio-economic conditions to predict future risk. By holding the meeting in Arusha, the project hopes to facilitate the involvement of the East African Community whose headquarters are located there.

    A newsletter on the projects’ first year’s activities can be downloaded as a PDF here and for more information please visit the project website www.healthyfutures.eu or contact David Taylor (Coordinator) taylord@tcd.ie or Paul Lowen (Project Officer) paul@aquatt.ie

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    2Fish: Inclusion of secondary service professions within fishery to the normal VET system

    2Fish is a project dedicated to training in the fisheries and aquaculture sector, funded with support from the European Union. The project will run from November 2011 to April 2014. 2Fish project aims at developing 5-8 innovative training modules for training of service professionals connected to fishery and within the fishery vocational education and training. Each module will be 1-2-weeks long, and developed and tested by the 2Fish vocational education and training providers in close collaboration with enterprises. Preparation for European credit systems for vocational education and training assessment of the new modules will form a significant part of the project.

    The new modules will be integrated into the educational programme of 2Fish vocational education and training schools and will be available for download and re-use from the project website by other European fishery vocational education and training schools. The 2Fish project consortium held it's kick-off meeting on December 5-7, 2011, Thyborøn, Denmark where the partners discussed the first phase of the project; a needs analysis of the sector. For more information on the project and to download the project leaflet visit http://www.2fishproject.eu/public//immagini/doc/doccat3792.pdf.

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    Aquainnova – “The Future of European Shellfish Aquaculture”

    The last in the series of regional Aquainnova workshops, “The Future of European Shellfish Aquaculture” was held on 15th – 16th February in Bordeaux. Invited representatives of the Shellfish sector were tasked with providing their input towards development of a Vision for European Aquaculture in 2030 and supporting the resulting Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA).  These documents will be used to inform the European Aquaculture Technology and Innovation Platform (EATIP) and help it respond to the challenges facing the European Aquaculture industry.

    Run over 1.5 days the workshop was organised into several sessions, with a strong emphasis on discussion and consensus building on the Vision. Goals and sub-goals of each of the various Thematic Areas were reviewed and priorities for the Shellfish Sector identified.

    Several dynamic rounds of open session conversations helped to highlight any outstanding issues facing this sector with the top three prioritised issues being;
    • Integration with the environment,
    • Environmental sustainability through application of new technologies and knowledge,
    • Ensuring the continued safety of all products.

    The Shellfish industry was well represented at the workshop and their participation ensured that some of the unique aspects of this sector, including the positive influence Shellfish activities can have on water quality, were highlighted.

    The Vision and SRIA will be finalised at the upcoming  Aquainnova meeting in Dublin (20th – 22nd March), where the facilitators and chairs of each Thematic Area will review and integrate the combined results from the regional workshops on Cold Water Marine, Freshwater,  Mediterranean and Shellfish Aquaculture. Once the priorities are in place EATIP will design a plan of action or roadmap, to illustrate how to achieve the goals as identified in the Vision document and ensure that any future research leads to real innovation in the field.

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    AQUAMED project seeks Mediterranean stakeholder input to build the Mediterranean Aquaculture Multi-Stakeholder Platform (MSHP)

    AQUAMED, The Future of Research on Aquaculture in the Mediterranean Region, is an EU Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) project which aims to develop a cross-functional strategy for aquaculture research in the Mediterranean region. A multi-stakeholder platform will be set up to orchestrate research activities in order to promote the sustainable development of aquaculture in the region. Its aim is to rationalise research programming in order to avoid duplication and fragmentation of research efforts and to stimulate long-term cooperation and coordination across policy makers, the aquaculture industry and RTD performers in the Mediterranean region.

    To read the full press release click here (Word doc.).

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    INTRANEMMA 2nd partner meeting, Madrid, Spain, 24th-25th January 2012

    INTRANEMMA is a two year Transfer of Innovation project that is the first of its kind to be developed by the Associations of Mariculture producers to identify areas where innovation is required in the sector and to design applied training courses to meet these needs.

    The project partners (FGM - Greece, AQUARK - Greece, Mugla Fish Farmers Association - Turkey and AquaTT - Ireland), held a 2nd partner meeting in Madrid on the 25th-25th January 2012. Partners reviewed the results of the INTRANEMMA surveys and in depth interviews which were carried out to identify the areas where innovation is required in Mediterranean Mariculture. A plan of action has been defined for the INTRANEMMA training courses from June to November 2012 in order to maximise the dissemination of the training events and the impact on the Mediterranean Mariculture Industry.

    Training will take place in 1) Turkey held in parallel with the IZMIR Mariculture trade show Future Fish Eurasia 2012 on the 8th June 2012, 2) Spain held in Valencia on the 18th September 2012, 3) Athens, Greece on the 11th and 12th of October 2012 (two day workshop) and 4) Greece during November 2012 (exclusive event for CEOs in the Mediterranean Mariculture value chain). For the full press release click here (Word doc.). Further details on the training events will be announced closer to the dates. For more information on the project visit http://www.intranemma.eu/

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    Launch of online MarineTT Knowledge Gate 

    The MarineTT project consortium (AquaTT & EurOcean) will launch the online MarineTT Knowledge Gate the week of March 5th 2012. MarineTT Knowledge Gate provides the marine community with access to a wealth of knowledge which was generated from FP6 and FP7 marine projects in sectors such as Environmental Management, Climate Change, Aquaculture, Fisheries, and Ocean Energy. The potential users of the Knowledge Gate include the Scientific Community, Industry, Policy and Decision Makers, Environmental Managers, Educators and Civil Society.

    The launch of MarineTT Knowledge Gate marks a significant milestone for the European Commission funded FP7 Support Action MarineTT (European Marine Research Knowledge Transfer and Uptake of Results). The Knowledge Gate will be accessible from early March via the MarineTT website (http://www.marinett.eu/).

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    Access to top class European aquaculture Research Infrastructures – 2nd AQUAEXCEL Call for Access open NOW

    On a regular basis, the FP7 project AQUAEXCEL - Aquaculture infrastructures for excellence in European fish research - invites proposals from European research groups for scientific research that utilises the facilities of any of the participating Aquaculture Research Infrastructures. The 2nd Call for Access is currently open, with a deadline of 16th March 2012.

    The AQUAEXCEL project unites major aquaculture experimental facilities with capacity to undertake experimental trials on a selection of commercially important fish aquaculture species and system types. These facilities are made available to the research community for Transnational Access (TNA) with the support of the European Union 7th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development (Infrastructures). For more information, please check http://www.aquaexcel.eu/index.php?option=com_k2&view=item&id=42:call-for-access

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    COEXIST project partners and Stakeholder Committee will meet in Ancona from 6th to 9th March 2012

    COEXIST project partners and Stakeholder Committee will meet in Ancona (Italy) from the 6th to 9th March 2012. It is conceived that an open dialogue session will be used to launch the three day meeting, where the COEXIST partnership would present the first results of the Project to the stakeholder committee and will gather input from them.

    The following days will focus on the analysis of the project preliminary results and discussions on incorporating the feedback received from the stakeholder committee. To read the full press release click here (Word doc.).

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    Key Data on Education in Europe 2012

    The Eurydice Network has published the report "Key Data on Education in Europe 2012". The 95 indicators contained in the report not only provide a comprehensive picture of the organisation, management and functioning of 37 education systems in Europe, but also trace main developments in education over the last decade. For more information and to read the report visit http://www.eaea.org/news.php?aid=118477&k=2088&d&utm_source=emailcampaign35&utm_medium=phpList&utm_content=HTMLemail&utm_campaign=EAEA+News+March+2012

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    Third annual review of National Qualifications Frameworks published

    Cedefop’s third review of NQF/EQF development shows that all involved countries see the National Qualification Frameworks as valuable tools to support national reforms and coherent lifelong learning policies. To read the full article and annual review visit http://www.cedefop.europa.eu/en/articles/19349.aspx?WT.mc_id=NL18.

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    Latest issue of the European Qualifications Network Newsletter

    The latest issue of the EQF Newsletter (December 2011) has been published in the EQF portal. Visit http://www.cedefop.europa.eu/en/news/19326.aspx?WT.mc_id=NL18.

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    5th QALLL (Quality Assurance in Lifelong Learning) Newsletter

    To access the newsletter visit http://www.qalll.net/fileadmin/qalll/Newsletter/QALLL_newsletter_1_2012.pdf

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    Call for proposals under the Erasmus Mundus 2009-2013 action programme

    The European Commission has published a call for proposals under the Erasmus Mundus 2009-2013 action programme. For more information visit http://cordis.europa.eu/search/index.cfm?fuseaction=tenders.document&TEN_RCN=34188

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     4. Other

    European Percid Fish Culture Workshop, 1 September 2012, Prague, Czech Republic

    The EAS thematic group on the culture of pike-perch, perch and other species of the family percidae for human consumption, stocking and conservation (European Percid Fish Culture – EPFC) will organise a workshop on September 1st, during the set-up and registration day of the AQUA 2012. The tentative workshop schedule features a key note presentation (to be announced) and three thematic sessions on:

               1. Broodstock management and fingerling production
               2. Ongrowing and nutrition
               3. Marketing and training

    In each theme session, a selection of short presentations from industry and research representatives will give an overview over the current state and will pave the floor for a panel discussion. Registration for the workshop is mandatory. Send an email to epfc@aquaculture.cc NO LATER THAN August 1st to express your interest in participation. For more information view the announcement (PDF).

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    Youmares 3.0, 12-14 September 2012, Lübeck, Germany

    The next YOUMARES conference on 2-14 September 2012 in Lübeck, Germany has opened its registration. YOUMARES is the name for the international conference of young marine researchers and engineers organized by the study group of the German Society for Marine Research (DGM). This event addresses all young marine scientists and engineers from all disciplines of fundamental and applied research, industry and other relevant fields coming from Germany and the rest of the world. In 2012 YOUMARES will continue its success story in the third year. The 2012 slogan is: "Between space and seafloor - aqua vita est". For more information visit www.youmares.net or http://www.youmares.net/en/ym3/registration.html

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    Call for papers: AQUA 2012, 1-5 September 2012, Prague, Czech Republic

    There is a special session during the EAS/WAS AQUA 2012 Conference in Prague (1-5 September 2012) on Education, extension and technology transfer. We would very much like to see Aqua-tnet well represented in this session with members presenting their experiences of collaboration and innovation.

    The deadline for submission of abstracts is 2nd April via the EAS/WAS websites (https://www.was.org/WasMeetings/meetings/Default.aspx?code=Aqua2012). Please contact John Bostock (j.c.bostock@stir.ac.uk) if you have ideas for a paper or poster that you would like to discuss prior to submission. For more information click here (Word doc.) and visit http://www.easonline.org/component/content/article/195 

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    Call for abstracts: 3rd World Conference on Learning, Teaching and Educational Leadership, 25-28 October 2012, Brussels, Belgium

    The conference aims to bring together educational scientists, administrators, counselors, teachers, graduate students and members of NGOs to discuss theoretical and practical implications of learning, teaching and administration in a scientific environment. For more information and to submit an abstract visit http://www.wc-lta.org/. Deadline: April 30 2012.

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    New FAO publications

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    NOFIMA reports on genetic interactions and sea lice

    In 2011, The Norwegian Fishery and Aquaculture Industry Research Fund (FHF) commissioned The Norwegian Institute of Food, Fisheries and Aquaculture Research (NOFIMA) and The Norwegian Institute for Nature Research (NINA), to review available scientific documentation on the subject on escaped salmon, genetic interaction, sea lice and its effects on wild North Atlantic salmon. The main conclusion of these reports, based on data with specific relevance to Norway, is that most assertions on these topics have insufficient scientific basis. To read more visit http://www.easonline.org/component/content/article/208

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    5. Aqua-tnet Calendar

    Please check the Aqua-tnet calendar for a live update of upcoming events, courses and workshops


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    About Aqua-tnet

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