Work package 9 - Project Management

Coordination and monitoring: by Stirling University will coordinate this WP with the support of AquaTT.

Aim: To ensure that the project will be successfully completed, that there will be efficient and transparent co-operation between all stakeholders involved and that the planned outcomes and results will be achieved, on time, and within the budget..

Main Objectives

A. To ensure the network activities are implemented in accordance with the Work Programme
B. To facilitate internal and external communication
C. To ensure contractual obligations, including reporting to the EC, will be met
D. To organise Steering Committee Meetings (management meetings), and Annual events,  and to provide support for core group meetings as needed
E. To take appropriate measures regarding internal evaluation procedures and ensure the project is checked by an external evaluator (quality control)

Outputs and results

Interim Public Report (2013)

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