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January 2010

This is a free e-mail news service provided by AQUA-TNET for the AQUA-TNET network and its partners. AQUA-TNET is the European Thematic Network in the field of aquaculture, fisheries and aquatic resource management, funded under the European Commission Lifelong Learning Programme, from 2008 - 2011.

In the AQUA-TNET Newsletter you will find an update of AQUA-TNET and its activities, as well as information from the European Commission related to European education matters.

Please forward this newsletter to your colleagues and students. Please submit any relevant information for dissemination in the newsletter to aquatnet@aquatt.ie.




    Research & Education


2. AquaTT Training News

3. Bibmail

4. Information of Interest

5. Pisces TT Jobs

6. Other


1. Your PhD thesis on the AQUA-TNET PhD portal

The AQUA-TNET PhD portal - http://www.phdportal.ugent.be - is a very interesting source where scientific and background information on finished doctoral research work throughout Europe is available.

You can find (links to) full PhD - manuscripts, abstracts, related articles and author information. When available and free of copyright and privacy hampering, on-demand video streaming of the PhD - defence is possible.

If you wish to publish your PhD thesis, or those of your students on the AQUA-TNET PhD portal, please contact Peter Bossier at peter.bossier@ugent.be

Research & Education 

1. LLP Call for Proposals 2010

The latest call for proposals; Multilateral Projects, Networks, Accompanying Measures and Studies under the Sub-Programmes, Transversal Programme (Key Activities) and Jean Monnet is currently underway. Deadline is 12 noon (CET) 26th February 2010. For more information please visit http://eacea.ec.europa.eu/llp/funding/2010/call_lifelong_learning_2010.php

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2. FP7: Open call for European Cooperation in the field of Scientific and Technical Research

The European Commission has issued an open call for European Cooperation in the Field of Scientific and Technical Research (COST). Developing stronger links among European researchers is crucial to building the European Research Area (ERA). COST stimulates new, innovative, interdisciplinary and broad research networks in Europe. COST does not fund research itself, but supports networking activities. For more information please click here.

3. Publication: Adult Education outside of EU

dvv international and EAEA have published a book on adult learning and education in Europe outside of the European Union. To view the book online please visit http://www.eaea.org/doc/pub/ALE_outside_Europe09.pdf

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4. England and Wales: The Inquiry into the Future for Lifelong Learning

Since the publication of the NIACE sponsored report Learning Through Life, over a thousand copies of this agenda-setting publication have been sold. The report outlines a 10 to 15 year vision of radical reform. Copies of the Learning Through Life publication is available at http://shop.niace.org.uk For more information about the Inquiry, go to www.lifelonglearninginquiry.org.uk.

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5. Aquaculture training centres in France

For information on aquaculture training centres in France please click here http://ada.isara.fr/rubrique.php3?id_rubrique=2

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1. EU funds effective translation tool

Europeans recognise the importance of communicating in other languages as well as their native tongue, and the availability of effective tools facilitating high-quality translation of texts between multiple languages is pivotal to this. Enter the MOLTO ('Multilingual on-line translation') project. The MOLTO project seeks to provide the same access to knowledge on the Internet for all EU citizens. For more information please click here.

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2. Commissioner designate for Research, Innovation and Science promises 'action and delivery' to MEPs

The European Commissioner designate for Research, Innovation and Science, Máire Geoghegan-Quinn, pledged to move research, innovation and science 'to the heart of European policy' in her hearing at the European Parliament on 13 January. 'Knowledge, research and scientific excellence is a cornerstone of innovation,' she stated. 'In the new economy, refined knowledge will replace crude oil as the economy's prime motive force.' To read the full article please click here.

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3. “Slow fish” – a fast growing campaign to promote sustainable consumption

“Discover, enjoy, protect ” were the bywords of the second SlowFisch event, which took place in Bremen (Germany) from the 6 – 8 November 2009. One of the successes of this year’s event, which attracted 16,513 visitors and 110 exhibitors, was traditional ready to eat Norwegian stockfish, which is being promoted by the fishermen of the Lofoten Islands. The next SlowFisch will take place from 5 – 7 November 2010. Further information is available at www.slowfisch-bremen.de

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AquaTT Training News 

trainingnews sept2007AquaTT's Training News is a free monthly electronic newsletter. With the latest news from the European education community, opportunities for collaboration, announcements and a student corner, Training News is an important dissemination channel for education and training opportunities for the aquaculture and fisheries sectors.

Highlights of the January 2010 issue:

CLICK HERE for the latest AquaTT Training News (January 2010)

CLICK HERE for the AquaTT Calendar with a comprehensive overview of all Events in the Maritime Sector 

Please email news@aquatt.ie to submit your news which will reach almost 4,500 subscribers interested in aquaculture and related sectors education.

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BibMail is a biweekly updated overview of the content tables of the major aquaculture-relevant scientific journals.

CLICK HERE for Part 1 and CLICK HERE for Part 2 of the latest BibMail (January 2010)

To go to the BibMail website link on the AQUA-TNET site please

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Information of Interest

Information of Interest is a biweekly updated overview of interesting publications, reports, and manuals relating to aquaculture in a broad sense, with links to the respective files or information points.

CLICK HERE for the latest Information of Interest (January 2010)

To go to the Information of Interest website link on the AQUA-TNET site please CLICK HERE 

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PiscesTT Jobs

pisces sept.2007

PiscesTT Jobs is a free online recruitment service used by over 200 companies globally. The innovative system, updated daily, lists jobs, PhD vacancies and student placements in Aquaculture, Fisheries and Marine Science worldwide. More than 1,000 job searchers are registered on the site and are sent e-mail alerts every time a new vacancy is posted. This service facilitates human resource development in the industry.

At the moment 8 interesting jobs are listed:

If you are interested in posting a job vacancy or registering for the service, please go to the PiscesTT Jobs website or contact Marieke Reuver at marieke@aquatt.ie


This update is published by the AQUA-TNET Secretariat. For further information, e-mail: aquatnet@aquatt.ie

If you would like to post a notice, news item or event details on the next issue of the AQUA-TNET Newsletter or on the AQUA-TNET website, please send details to Marieke Reuver at

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DISCLAIMER: AQUA-TNET provides this newsletter as a free service to its partners. Most of the information is provided by AQUA-TNET. Where it is not, the source of the news is provided in the text of the news brief or else AQUA-TNET attributes the news to the coordinating body as the "Data Source Provider". In no way does this newsletter intend to wrongly or inappropriately claim projects, news, etc. as its own nor is it responsible for incorrect information provided from other sources. The AQUA-TNET Newsletter is a dissemination tool and forum for both AQUA-TNET and its partners.

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