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February 2010

This is a free e-mail news service provided by AQUA-TNET for the AQUA-TNET network and its partners. AQUA-TNET is the European Thematic Network in the field of aquaculture, fisheries and aquatic resource management, funded under the European Commission Lifelong Learning Programme, from 2008 - 2011.

In the AQUA-TNET Newsletter you will find an update of AQUA-TNET and its activities, as well as information from the European Commission related to European education matters.

Please forward this newsletter to your colleagues and students. Please submit any relevant information for dissemination in the newsletter to aquatnet@aquatt.ie.




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1. Aqua-tnet Annual Event 2010

The 2nd aqua-tnet Annual Event will be held June 2 & 3, and will be hosted by the Research Institute for Fisheries, Aquaculture and Irrigation (HAKI) in Szarvas, Hungary. All Aqua-tnet members and stakeholders are invited to attend this important event to find out about the activities and results of the project and debate the hot topics in Education and Training. An e-mail invitation with further details will be send out to all partners soon.

For more information please contact the Aqua-tnet secretariat at info@aquatnet.com.
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1. Provision of generic skills training at university – please provide your input

Aqua-tnet’s working group, New Generic Skills and Competences Approaches, are currently appealing for your input into the provision of generic skills training at university level. Please complete one of our attached surveys (Employers’ survey, Graduates’ survey, Students’ survey, University teachers’ survey) which will help us to evaluate the current provision of generic skills training at university level for students in aquaculture, fisheries and other marine sciences, in terms of its suitability for (a) the degree programme studied and (b) the workplace. The results will enable us to identify gaps in training provision and improve the skills base. Under the general heading “generic skills” we consider a wide range of research, workplace and life skills that are not specific to any one discipline, including languages, communication, scientific methodology, IT and management.

Your answers to our questions will be of great value in evaluating and improving the provision of generic skills training in the aquaculture, fisheries, marine science and management sectors. Please complete the surveys in the Word format only and email to Prof. Graham J. Pierce at g.j.pierce@abdn.ac.uk. If you anticipate that you will have several responses please contact Graham first
as a web version of the surveys is currently being developed.

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2. Aqua-tnet group now on Flickr photo sharing website

The workgroup on Innovation in Teaching and ITC support has recently established a group on the Flickr photo sharing website. This is an opportunity for aqua-tnet members and others to actively collaborate by sharing relevant photos and videos for use in lectures and other learning materials. Please join up and share some of your materials so that we all have a much richer pool of illustrations to draw from. The web address is: http://www.flickr.com/groups/aqua-tnet

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3. Reminder: Calling all teachers and students for input into innovative tools

In the Workpackage on Innovative teaching tools in aquatic sciences (incl. aquaculture & fisheries) of Aqua-tnet (www.aquatnet.com), we are carrying out a teacher and student survey on the use of innovative tools in current teaching in our discipline.

As a teacher how do you see the teaching of aquaculture, fisheries and aquatic resource management being improved in the future? Please complete our short online survey at http://aphaw.com/aquatnet/index.php?sid=19146&lang=en. We will use the survey results to map current teaching methods in our discipline and to organise workshops, online tutoring or other ways of support according to your needs and preferences. Please also pass this message on to all your colleagues.

As a student how would you like your courses and especially the teaching methods to develop in the future? We aim to support teachers to better meet your needs, so please steer us in the right direction by giving just a few minutes of your time to the survey at http://aphaw.com/aquatnet/index.php?sid=59689&lang=en, preferentially within one week. A massive response from students is essential for the success of our initiative so please pass this on to your classmates too.
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4. Aqua-tnet PhD core group (WP2) working on extension of the PhD database during their 2nd year meeting in Firenze

The Aqua-tnet PhD core group (WP2) had their 2nd year meeting in Firenze, Italy on 25 & 26 February. The core members discussed the development of the PhD course database, a valuable information and research tool containing scientific and background information on finished doctoral research work throughout Europe. The first cycle of Aqua-tnet had indicated that there is a lack of insight in tailor made PhD courses available throughout Europe. Starting from the notion that mobility could also be possible in that phase, it is considered paramount to offer the students a structured overview of available courses. The database will be further developed to include detailed information on specific PhD courses and partners are encouraged to contact Peter Bossier (peter.bossier@ugent.be) with any relevant information.

Research & Education 

1. PhD studentships on offer at the University of Stirling

The Institute of Aquaculture at the University of Stirling is the leading international centre in its field and is the largest of its kind in the world. Research focuses on fundamental questions relating to strategies for sustainable aquaculture, including environments, reproduction, genetics, aquatic health, nutrition and feed supplies, production systems, markets, and on social and economic impacts. The institute currently have a number of PhD studentships on offer - some open for student proposals. For more information please click here

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2. MASTS Prize PhD Studentships

The MASTS Graduate School offers a unique environment for the training and development of the next generation of marine scientists in institutions across Scotland. There are up to 10 MASTS Prize PhD Studentships available. Deadline for applications is 8 March 2010. Please click here for further information and online application.

3. Study Visits programme issues new call for applications

The study visits are addressed to those who are responsible for the development of education and vocational training policies at local, regional or national levels. The programme provides a forum for discussion, exchange and mutual learning on themes of common interest at EU level. If you wish to participate in a study visit, you can find all relevant information and application forms at http://studyvisits.cedefop.europa.eu. The deadline for the first call is noon CET 31 March 2010.

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4. Belém Framework for Action: available online in six languages

The Belém Framework for Action, the final document of the Sixth International Conference on Adult Education (CONFINTEA VI) which adopted on 4 December 2009 is available online in the six official UN languages. For more information please click here.

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5. Skills and jobs experts call for action now

Immediate action is required to solve Europe's skills deficiencies and give Europeans a better chance of labour market success in the future, says an independent expert report published by the European Commission on February 4, 2010. The report - 'New Skills for New Jobs: Action Now' - stresses the need to provide the right incentives for people to upgrade their skills, to better link education, training and work, to develop the right mix of skills, and to better anticipate those skills needed in the future. For more information and to view the report please click here.

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6. Multi-million marine lab opened

A £4.4 million new facility which will help secure Scotland's future as a world leader in marine research was officially opened this week by the Environment Secretary Richard Lochhead. The University of Aberdeen's Oceanlab is already leading groundbreaking studies into the world's oceans as well as providing information on marine life in waters around Scotland. Now Oceanlab 2 - a brand new complex next door to the original Oceanlab at Newburgh - will enable scientists to do much more to further understanding of the marine environment.  For more information please click here.

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1. MarineTT – Innovating to unlock the potential of European Marine Research

The new MarineTT project (FP7) - European Marine Research Knowledge Transfer and Uptake of Results – will step up to the challenge to unlock the knowledge potential of previously funded research activities using an innovative approach to address the acknowledged problem of information and data rescue. MarineTT will design, trial and refine an analytical matrix which will evaluate the cost and benefit of transferring knowledge from the knowledge triangle, which includes innovators, researchers, and educators. MarineTT activities will extract research outcomes with a view to identifying what knowledge can be transferred for exploitation and to connect and transfer knowledge to key stakeholders.

MarineTT will make a real contribution to improved access to European Union research results for industry, multipliers, the civil society, and policy-makers. Project partners AquaTT and EurOcean will refine and improve databases and info-bases, starting with the EurOcean Internet portal resources. For more information please click here.

If you would like to arrange an interview with the MarineTT project team, please contact Cristina Costa, to arrange a suitable time, on +351 213924497 or email eurocean@fct.mctes.pt

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2. Cedefop launches its new Web portal

The agency has brought its redesigned and updated Web pages under a new roof. The new Web portal has been conceived primarily with the needs of policy-makers, researchers and social partners in mind, but also aims to serve practitioners and interested European citizens. To visit the site, please click here.

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AquaTT Training News 

trainingnews sept2007AquaTT's Training News is a free monthly electronic newsletter. With the latest news from the European education community, opportunities for collaboration, announcements and a student corner, Training News is an important dissemination channel for education and training opportunities for the aquaculture and fisheries sectors.

Highlights of the February 2010 issue:

CLICK HERE for the latest AquaTT Training News (February 2010)

CLICK HERE for the AquaTT Calendar with a comprehensive overview of all Events in the Maritime Sector 

Please email news@aquatt.ie to submit your news which will reach almost 4,500 subscribers interested in aquaculture and related sectors education.

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BibMail is a biweekly updated overview of the content tables of the major aquaculture-relevant scientific journals.

CLICK HERE for Part 1 and CLICK HERE for Part 2 of the latest BibMail (February 2010)

To go to the BibMail website link on the AQUA-TNET site please

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Information of Interest

Information of Interest is a biweekly updated overview of interesting publications, reports, and manuals relating to aquaculture in a broad sense, with links to the respective files or information points.

CLICK HERE for the latest Information of Interest (February 2010)

To go to the Information of Interest website link on the AQUA-TNET site please CLICK HERE 

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PiscesTT Jobs

pisces sept.2007

PiscesTT Jobs is a free online recruitment service used by over 200 companies globally. The innovative system, updated daily, lists jobs, PhD vacancies and student placements in Aquaculture, Fisheries and Marine Science worldwide. More than 1,000 job searchers are registered on the site and are sent e-mail alerts every time a new vacancy is posted. This service facilitates human resource development in the industry.

At the moment 11 interesting jobs are listed:

If you are interested in posting a job vacancy or registering for the service, please go to the PiscesTT Jobs website or contact Marieke Reuver at marieke@aquatt.ie


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