Work package 3 - Mobility

Coordination and monitoring: Lluis Tort, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona

One of the main EU objectives in Lifelong Learning policy is to improve the quality and increase the volume of students and teaching staff mobility throughout Europe. WP3 aims to increase mobility resources for students/trainers/professionals which in turn will help to facilitate mobility and increase opportunities and uptake.

Main Objectives:
A.    To further develop the mobility portal developed in phase one as a main instruments to facilitate mobility opportunities
B.    To shorten the steps between those who want to go on placements and host organisations as a mechanism for encouraging greater uptake.
C.    To deeper involve the research institutes in the mobility framework
D.    To involve and coordinate the companies in the mobility framework by means of better identification, better information and opportunities both for movers and for companies.
E.    To start a mobility framework for movers from vocational and lifelong learning origin in the network domain areas
F.    To develop a number of resources for movers and best practices for receiving institutions to facilitate mobility.

Please CLICK HERE to go to the Mobility Portal (instructions on how to use the portal can be found HERE)

Outputs and results:

                    - 3.5 Core Group Meeting Year 2 - List of Attendees
                    - 3.6 Annual Event 2010 (Hungary) - June 2010 (PPT)
                    - 3.9 Core Group Meeting Year 3 - List of Attendees
                    - 3.10 Annex A - Report on Good Practice in Student Mobility
                    - 3.10 Annex B - Report on Student/Mover Mobility Guide
                    - 3.10 Annex C - Report on Good Practice in Student Mobility
                    - 3.12 Annual Event 2011 (Portugal) - September 2011 (PPT)

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