Work Package 7 - Multilingual Issues in International cooperation & Lifelong Learning

Coordination and monitoring: by Margaret Eleftheriou (AMC Ltd, Ireland)

Aim: To develop new approaches/online support tools for promoting student exchanges & LLL through language skills

Phase 1 language survey results showed wide variation in language provision at undergraduate level, and very little at post-graduate level. Work in Phase 1, on online language lessons at beginner/basic level (PESCALEX) was highly rated by students who felt however that language provision was needed at post-graduate level to benefit from mobility in joint MSc or PhD programs.

With multilingualism now a separate portfolio (January 2007), language training is an increasingly important issue. The students surveyed in phase 1 feel a need for more advanced language modules to aid future mobility. Needs analysis concerning advanced Language for Specific Purposes online courses and adaptation of phase 1 support tools will help achieve the Lisbon objectives for language training.

Main Objectives:
A.    Carry out student language Needs Analysis in MSc. and PhD. programs building on  AQUA-TNET 2005-08 survey results
B.    Identify and further develop LSP online language learning tools for MSc. and PhD. student needs
C.    Produce language learning game as induction tool to aid student exchanges, building on LDV PESCALEX project (
D.    Pilot use of 'game technology' for teaching essential scientific terminology, with WP13 in 1-day demonstration workshop

Outputs and results:

  • 7.1 Core Group Meeting Year 1
  • 7.2 Design and Production of Induction Language Learning Game
  • 7.3 Core Group Meeting Annual Event Year 1
  • 7.4 Advanced Language Needs Analysis
  • 7.5 Customisation of SP course for MSc & PhD users
  • 7.6 Core Group Meeting Year 2
  • 7.7 Core Group Meeting at Annual Event Year 2
  • 7.8 Core Group Meeting Year 3
  • 7.9 Core Group Meeting at Annual Event Year 3
  • 7.10 Aqua-tnet Advanced Language Learning Unit

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